Pre & Post Laser Lipo Guidelines

In order to maximise the results from your course of laser-lipo it is essential to follow the guidelines as listed here. If you wish to discuss this there is always a member of staff that you can speak to in the Clinic, or you can book in for a lifestyle & dietary assessment.

medical questionnaire must be filled in before you can start with any treatment. You must be honest with your answers and also make sure that you can list any medication currently taken.

On the day of your laser treatment (and during the course of your treatments) try to avoid caffeine, heavy fatty meals, and fizzy drinks. We recommend Green tea (speeds up metabolism), white tea (speeds up metabolism) and herbal teas are fine. Oolong tea and Puerh tea help to break down the fatty lipids in your blood and so help with an overall weight loss program (available in Waitrose). 4 cups per day recommended.

Add freshly squeezed lemon juice to a 1 1/5 litre bottle of water and sip throughout the course of the day. This helps to flush the fat that has been released out of your body and has a great detoxifying effect.

Bring your indoor trainers and gym kit with you as we encourage you to use the free powerplate and gym facilities after your treatment.

To maximise the benefit of your treatment it is necessary to exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes on the day of your treatment and for the following 2 days post treatment. The fat that has been released into your lymphatic system is there for 2 days before it is reabsorbed back into your body. If you exercise this will move the released fat out of your system. If you are unable to exercise for medical reasons you may have a lymphatic massage from one of our therapists. Lymphatic massage stimulates your lymphatic system and helps to eliminate the fat that has been released. There is a selection of slimming massage and wrap treatments under the spa section, or you can just have a 1 hour lymphatic massage for £25 following your treatment.Your stools will be greasier than usual and your urine may be strong in smell and colour).

Alcohol must not be consumed following treatment and is best avoided altogether during a course of treatments. If you drink alcohol following a treatment the released fat will not be eliminated as your liver is working to process the alcohol instead.

We have been working with laser-lipo for 2 years now and have found that to get the best results it is better to follow a program of 4 treatments (2 per week or 1 per week), followed by a one week rest and then another course of 4 treatments. This achieves maximum inch-loss per treatment.

2 laser treatments may be taken per week, but there must be a minimum of 2 days between treatments (as this is how long it stays in your system after treatment). If you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff or book in for an assessment.

Boost Treatment

Nothing can replace a treatment in a beauty institute, but a few minutes a day are indispensable to preserve one’s beauty capital. Imbued with a vision, Allure Clinic encourage you to take care of your body. True to the spirit of the founder, the Clinic’s Brand selection of advanced products and ingenious devices let you adapt the Method to the privacy of your own home:

A range of intensive HOME CARE products including algae masks, sea and mineral rich bath salts, slimming serums and more, combine targeted ingredients and pleasurable textures to boost treatment effectiveness. Perfectly adapted to each skin type, these expert formulas ideally correct all little skin problems (including slack skin, cellulite, and poor circulation) to further enhance beauty and texture of the skin in treated areas. Body brushing / Exfoliation before / during bathing is essential to achieve maximum absorption of home care products and to improve circulation in stubborn areas.