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Eyelashes & Tinting

Eyelashes & Tinting

Do you want longer, thicker, fuller eyelashes? Do you want a mascara look 24/7? Want to look 10 years younger?

Always wanted longer, thicker, fuller lashes but never been able to achieve this with normal mascara? Flutter Eyelash Extensions are the answer. Meticulously applied one at a time to your own natural lashes they increase length and thickness by up to 200%. They are also pre curled to give the eye a more open and youthful appearance. We can create a variety of looks from very natural to full on glamour so are suitable for all clients. Lash extensions are 100% waterproof and can be worn on a permanent basis requiring infill maintenance appointments every 2-5 weeks.

Longer, thicker, fuller lashes.

Eyelash extensions, also known as Permanent false eyelashes or semi permanent eyelash extensions are the latest trend sweeping across the beauty industry and have become a favourite of many celebrities from Cheryl Cole to Victoria Beckham.

Flutter eyelash extensions are permanent false eyelashes that can be worn on a continuous basis, just requiring maintenance every 3-5 weeks, meaning you look beautiful 24/7 and will leave you wondering how you ever lived without them!

Understanding your natural lashes

Just like the hair on your head, your natural lashes are shedding all the time. An average lash has a life cycle of 3 months and is shed when a new natural lash starts to form in the follicle and pushes the old lash out. All your natural lashes are at different stages in this cycle at any one time which is why you normally only lose 1-2 lashes per day.

Eyelash Extension application

Correct application of extensions requires one extension to be applied to one single natural lash and this should never touch the skin. This extension sits on the natural lash and doesn’t interfere with its normal life cycle. When the natural lash reaches the end of its cycle it will be shed, taking the extension with it. A new natural lash will grow up in its place and a new extension can then be applied. This is why extensions can be worn on a continuous basis, adding new extensions to the new natural lashes as they grow through to replace the extensions lost due to natural shedding.

Caring for your Flutter lash Extensions and natural lashes

Your consultant will monitor and advise you on how to care for both your natural lashes and extensions. We also advise clients that both a sealer and lash serum can be used in conjunction with your eyelash extensions to further maintain the health of the natural lashes. These above steps enable us to ensure that your natural lashes do not become damaged and that eyelash extensions can remain a permanent part of your beauty regime. After all, who would want to live without them?

Flutter Eyelash Extensions by our Professional Eyelash Enhancement Artist.

The lash extension procedure itself is painless, involving a synthetic lash being applied directly to each individual lash. We offer a variety of lengths, thicknesses and curls so you can choose the exact look you want. This can range from a subtle enhancement to a full on false lash effect.

The permanent false eyelashes and semi permanent eyelash extensions are suitable for all ages and are especially anti-aging for mature ladies, giving the illusion of lifting and defining the eye area. Lashes that are used are black or brown giving a mascara effect, up to 200% more length and volume and are completely waterproof.


Full Set Upper, 2 hours £90.00
Infill & Rebalance (less than 2 weeks), 1 hour £50.00
Taster Set, 1 hour £60.00

For the safe and professional removal of eyelash extensions, this is highly recommended. This service is complimentary with a new application.


Eyebrow Shape £18.00
Eyebrow Tint £16.00
Eyebrow Shape, Tint and Lash Tint £40.00
Eyelash Tint £25.00

Eyebrows frame your face and enhance your features. Having an eyebrow tint and shape instantly widens and opens your eyes to give a more youthful appearance.

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