nutrition and weight management

Nutrition & Weight Management

With a strong belief in alternative healthcare, Allure Inclusive Health Clinic gives great advice on healthy eating, and creates bespoke programs to get your diet, mood and sleep back into balance - particularly good if you are putting on weight for no reason, suffering energy slumps or unable to fight sugar cravings.

Allure Clinic gives expert nutritional advice and using York labs biochemical and metabolic tests (dealing with digestion, IBS, fertility, stress, mood, energy, weight management, allergy and food intolerance)... we find a solution to your concerns.

Committed to making the world a healthier place

Whether you're a disillusioned dieter, sugar addict, junk food junkie or someone who just wants a better diet, we can help to put your eating wrongs right.

Allure Inclusive Health Clinic will strive to make you well. The usual procedure is to obtain comprehensive information from you about your medical and health history, any symptoms, and a 7 day food diary. At your follow up consultation you will get a bespoke program for health, based on your notes from your previous hour long consultation.

Books are loaned out and homework given in order to try and help the individual to understand any dietary changes that need to be made. We help people to help themselves by empowering them with the knowledge required to take control of their own body. We will then decide which tests, if any, would be most suited to determining the root cause of your health issues.

Nutritional Consultation

1 hour £60.00

Discounted prices are available for under 18's and unemployed / low income earners.

Nutritional Program

Program £160.00

1 hour Nutritional Consultation with blood Test, Results, and follow up Consultation. Discounted prices are available for under 18's and unemployed / low income earners.

First Step Food Intolerance Test

Test £20.00

(upgrade to FoodScan 113 only)

FoodScan Food Intolerance Test

FoodScan 113 £250.00

Comprehensive food intolerance test more...

FoodScan 76 £200.00

A unique service which analyses a person's blood through a simple pinprick test kit to identify food intolerances (or delayed onset food allergies). YorkTest offers a two stage test, from the basic First Step Food Intolerance Test that lets you know whether your patient has raised IgG antibodies, to the in-depth test covering 113 foods. FoodScan is the only food intolerance test endorsed by Allergy UK.

DrinkScan Drink Intolerance Test

DrinkScan Programme £199.00

DrinkScan is a unique home-to-laboratory service, supported by nutritional advice and guidance that includes a simple pin-prick blood sample kit to test for raised food-specific IgG antibodies against 95 everyday drinks ingredients. more...

Gut Health Test

Test £220.00

A service that helps your patients check and monitor the status of their gut health and provides detailed information to help optimise digestive health. The test is a stool test and we test for different bacterias, yeast and moulds to see whether the gut ecology is in balance. more...

AllergyCheck Test

Test £99.00

Classical allergies affect up to 30% of the population. YorkTest provides Allergy Check, a screening test for those who suffer from classical allergy reactions. more...

Homocysteine Test Heart Health Indicator

Test £99.00

Homocysteine testing is emerging as being more predictive than cholesterol testing in assessing heart disease risk. Elevated homocysteine levels are believed to increase the risk of heart disease and strokes independent of other risk factors - YorkTest can measure these levels from a few droplets of blood. more...

LiverCheck Test

Test £99.00

LiverCheck tests specifically for damage to liver cells by testing for two enzymes - ALT and AST. These enzymes are usually present inside liver cells, however damage to the liver can cause more ALT and AST to leak into the blood. LiverCheck can therefore be an important indicator of liver damage. more...

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