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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatment

Jackie Frith is an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher and Intuitive Guidance Reader.

Jackie works with women to help them develop their intuition and to start listening to their gut feelings. She enables them to get out of their heads and into their heart space.

She has been practising Usui Reiki since 2006 and became a Reiki Master in 2013 and is also a qualified Crystal Healer and Angelic Reiki Practitioner.

Follow your Intuition


A lot of women that Jackie works with are suffering form low self-esteem, low self worth and don’t really value themselves very highly.

When we feel like this it is often a sign that we are not in tune with or trusting our intuition. We are usually relying primarily on our thoughts rather than our feelings.

Once you start to trust your intuitive side and really listen to what it is saying then your life can change in so many ways.

During the healing consultation Jackie will be asking questions regarding your life at present and also what has been happening in the past to gain an understanding as to what needs to be focused on during the healing session.

This gives an insight into you as a whole person as very often it is things in our past that are affecting us in the present. By working in this way Jackie is using holistic healing in its truest form.

Holistic Treatments

Reiki is a Holistic Therapy working on the mind, body & spirit as a whole. It works as either hands on or hands off. You may feel heat or cold and perhaps a tingling sensation depending on the type of healing you are needing at the time. Reiki is very intuitive and will go to place where healing is needed the most.

Angelic Reiki is a very powerful and graceful hands-on healing system that works with the highest and brightest energies of the Angelic Kingdom to bring healing and balance to the Mind, Body and Soul of the recipient.

Crystal healing relies on the belief that a person is a complex interaction of energy. It focuses on removing energy imbalances or blocks from the subtle energies of the body – usually known as the aura.

Reiki Treatment £40.00
Angelic Reiki £40.00
Crystal Healing £45.00
Chakra Balance £30.00

Intuitive Readings

An Intuitive Guidance Reading with Jackie can help you to tap into your own unique Intuition and help you to control the Mind Chatter that gets in the way.

Positive Benefits from an Intuitive Guidance Reading:

  • You will gain a positive insight into how you can move forward in your life
  • You will come away with suggestions and recommendations on what books to read and exercises to complete to help you to start to embrace the Law of Attraction and start to live the life you deserve to have
  • You will gain clarity on the direction that your life is heading
  • You will have an understanding of which Angel can help you to grow spiritually
Face to Face £40.00
Telephone £35.00
Skype £35.00
Email £40.00
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