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Permanent & Semi-Permanent Makeup

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Our highly qualified and experienced practitioner Laura Cherrington offers Semi-Permanent Makeup, Tattoo Removal and Scalp Micropigmentation treatments which are truly life changing services.

Laura’s ethos is ‘affordable excellence in everything she does’ and by following this simple principle Laura has helped 1000’s of satisfied clients to date with her Microblading (Semi-Permanent Makeup) , Scalp Micropigmentation (Tricopigmentation) and tattoo removal services.

Laura is constantly at the cutting edge of the micopigmentation world and is proud to be one of only a hand full of technicians in the whole of the country that treats the full range of aesthetic micropigmentation services. Having trained and carried out micropigmentation services since 2010, where as others may only be experienced in one discipline, Laura is able to offer unbiased treatments and services in relation to all five of the principle micropigmentation methods, namely Microblading , Semi-Permanent Makeup , Scalp Micropigmentation, Tricopigmentation and Rejuvi tattoo removal.

Having built an enviable reputation and client list over the years Laura’s says

I love my work, mainly due to the client reactions I see day in day out. There’s no better feeling than seeing the smiles on a clients face who lost their eyebrows for one reason or another and following their treatment with me now have very natural looking, hair by hair, new brows. Or clients that have lost hair to the scalps, and three simple treatments with me, gives them that full head of hair look once again, ensuring they never have to cover up with those hats or scarves ever again. I suppose you can say I’m not in the micropigmentation business I’m in the ‘giving back the confidence’ business, which I love. Loving what I do, doesn’t only give me a bond with my clients it allows me to always go the extra mile ensuring I always meet all my clients expectations\’.

With Laura only performing micropigmentation treatments within Allure clinic it ensures, unlike generic beauty businesses, that she does NOT fall under the title of ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ yet remains an expert within this precision micropigmentation field.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatment

microblading Both Semi-Permanent Makeup and Microblading Treatments with Laura offer perfect makeup to brows, lips or eyeliner that are extensively temporary in their nature, lasting 2-5 years*. Can you imagine never having to constantly re-apply your brow makeup, eyeliner or lipstick, never having to worry about your makeup smudging or rubbing off whilst in the pool, in the gym or rushing to work in the morning? Laura’s treatments are always tailored to the clients, never using generic templates, always matching colour requirements perfectly, whilst giving truly natural results as and when requested.

Microblading Eyebrows

eyebrow With hair by hair and 3D specialist eyebrow tattoo techniques Laura also helps hundreds of clients each year that have lost brow hair due to over plucking, cancer treatments or hair loss ailments such as alopecia etc. Utilising her experience in microblading and the natural looking techniques of hair by hair or 3D techniques Laura is able to offer clients ‘brow results’ that are often described as being indistinguishable between real brows hair or not.

*Results may vary from person to person

**Source Redeem testimonials

***Subject to lower price offers being within the Yorkshire region and written proof evidence being submitted within 14 days of treatment date

Scalp Micropigmentation & Tricopigmentation

scalp Laura’s client’s hair loss needs and desires vary greatly. Laura caters for both men and women suffering from scalp hair loss, pattern baldness, diffuse thinning, premature balding, Fue scaring, alopecia totalis, etc.

Her Scalp Micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation services offer the perfect solution to all clients varying hair loss needs, giving the client a choice of either permanent results via SMP or semi permanent results via Trico. Not to be confused with standard tattooing practices, Laura’s treatment are capable of giving perfectly natural hair follicle representations, which when applied to the scalp of someone with thinning hair, adds a strong densification appearance.

Whilst for those clients with considerable hair loss they can expect the truly wonderful experience of seeing themselves acquire a full head of hair through the ‘buzz cut’ micropigmentation look.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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