gut health test

Gut Health Test

Good Bacteria? Bad Bacteria? Find out if your digestive symptoms are due to an imbalance in your gut.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive gut profile for bacteria moulds and fungi
  • Easy to use, single sample stool test
  • Laboratory analysed results
  • Nutritionist telephone consultation included

The Gut Health Test, a gut ecology testing service.

Find out if you have a healthy digestion with our proven stool test. It makes possible the use of nutrients from food and rids the body of waste and harmful substances. The ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food effectively is one of the cornerstones of good health. Poor gut function can contribute to symptoms associated with digestive disorders.

The microorganisms in your gut, such as bacteria, yeast and moulds make up a unique ecological environment. The Gut Health Test helps check the status of your gut health by providing an ecological profile of the microorganisms present in the gut, giving information and guidance on changing your lifestyle to improve digestive health.

The Gut Health Test is a quick and easy 100% home test that delivers reliable laboratory test results from the comfort of our private clinic.

Why take a Gut Health Test?

  • The Gut Health Test is a comprehensive gut profile which includes testing for:
  • Many different bacteria strains, from at least sixteen different bacterial species
  • The presence of yeasts (including Candida) and moulds
  • The presence of undigested carbohydrates, fats and proteins
  • Swelling
  • Physical factors such as sample acidity and sample appearance indicators
  • If you have any of the following symptoms, you should consider taking a Gut Health Test:
  • Bloating
  • Wind
  • Loose stools (diarrhoea) or constipation
  • Abdominal cramps or pains
  • If you have taken antibiotics for more than a month, or have taken oral contraceptives, HRT or steroids for extended periods.
  • The test is easy to use, requiring a single stool sample.
  • Mail order postal service – no need to visit a specialist or laboratory.
  • Clinically validated laboratory test results and a follow up consultation with a BANT* registered Nutritional Therapist.
  • Customer care support to advise on any queries you may have after receiving your test results.
  • British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy

Test £220.00
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