facial treatments for men

Facial Treatments for Men

Today men are much more conscious about their inner health and the way they look. It has become common practice and acceptable for men to have treatments.

We offer mens skin care for all skin types and conditions. A professional beauty therapist will analyse your skin condition and determine which treatment is best for your individual needs. We are proud to offer a range of health and grooming treatments for men in an attempt to keep up with ever increasing demand, and we have tailored a variety of our treatments specifically for men.

Groomed Groom or Black Tie Facial & Back Treatment

2 hours £175.00

This treatment is to prepare the discerning gentleman for important events with the benefits of technology and a Rodial A-list facial. The treatment includes 10 mins laser-lipo on chin for inch loss, 20 mins Radiofrequency on face and jawline for skin tightening. If necessary eyebrows are shaped. A deep exfoliation follows on the back with a 30 minute deep tissue massage to relax and prepare for the facial. The treatment returns to the face with a full blown A-List face lift facial and cranial massage, a full description of this treatment is available on the Ultimate Facials page. Feet and hands are also pampered.

Allure Men Ultimate Face Lift Facial

1 hour 30 minutes £125.00

This treatment offers Laser fat reduction on the chin, Radiofrequency facial skin tightening  followed by a back and neck massage, Murad bespoke facial, and Cranial massage. A choice of reflexolgy or arm massage is also offered during treatment.

Aromatherapy Stress Relief Facial

50 minutes £30.00

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Facial

1 hour 15 minutes £75.00

This facial offers Radiofrequency skin tightening with a neck and Cranial massage followed by a Murad bespoke facial. Choose from:

Murad Man Face Treatment
Murad Sun Undone Vitamin C infusion Facial
Murad Blemish Control Clarifying Enzyme Facial
Murad Redness Therapy
Murad Resurgence Renewal Facial

Calming Facial for Men

1 hour £70.00

This treatment calms and soothes the skin, helping with irritation or inflammation of the skin. A great decongesting & regenerating facial for comfort and confidence.

Murad Man Face Treatment

1 hour £45.00

Excellent as a series or as a one off facial, designed particularly for men, using the Murad Man skin care products. This has both a cleansing and anti-ageing effect, great for weather beaten skin or just skin that needs a brighter, more clarified complexion. Excellent for shave rashes / bumps.

Sun Undone Vitamin C infusion Facial

Single treatment £55.00
Course of 6x 1 hour 15 minutes £300.00

Discover a radiant complexion with this luxurious face and hand treatment. Pure Vitamin C, with Vitamins A and E help to brighten the skin, lighten pigmentation and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This revitalizing treatment revearses the signs of ageing caused by environmental exposure. You can achieve maximum skin clarity by improving texture, elasticity, firmness, hydration and reversing hyperpigmentation. Skin is infused with Pure Vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants to neutralise and destroy free radicals found in the environment, which may reverse premature signs of ageing and improve the appearance of skin. In addition to a strong internal cellular defence, the facial also works to protect exposed skin from UV radiation and damaging free-radicals and will reduce redness and swelling after UV exposure.

Results: visible after one visit, although a course of six treatments is recommended for the best results. Skin Concerns: age spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, mature skin and skin exposed to smog, smoke, pollution, sun or stress.

Blemish Control Clarifying Enzyme Facial

Single treatment £45.00
Course of 6x 1 hour 15 minutes £240.00

For skin prone to blemishes, congestion and oiliness, this treatment is the perfect solution to restore and rebalance skin clarity and reduce blemishes. Using the inherent exfoliating powers of fruit and plant enzymes, the facial immediately exfoliates dull, dry skin, as it reduces skin redness and treats blackheads, clogged pores and acne breakouts. This clarifying facial will also brighten skin while reducing blemishes and oiliness. The overall results are less clogged and visible pores, along with reduced redness and irritation.

Results: smoother comfortable skin with reduced breakouts after one treatment, but a course of six weekly treatments will offer noticeably clearer skin.
Skin Concerns: regular breakouts, inflamed and irritated skin, excess oil and shine, dryness.

Redness Therapy

Single treatment £55.00
Course of 6x 1 hour 15 minutes £300.00

Uniquely developed for skin redness and sensitivity including rosacea and broken capillaries, this treatment gently soothes and calms, strengthens the skin's barrier function and provides instant hydration and allows for maximum relief. This breakthrough treatment is void of steam and extractions, allowing sensitive skin to benefit from the application of two deeply calming facial masks. This therapeutic facial cools skin on contact, instantly alleviating redness and sensitivity while restoring hydration. If your skin is prone to redness, broken capillaries and sensitivity, then this calming facial will help to soothe and cool your skin. Great for post holidays, skin prone to cold weather damage and hot, flushed skins.

Results: Feel instant relief, but a course of six weekly treatments offers maximum benefits and most visible effects.

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