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Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™

Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™

The healing art of Reflexology is a treatment given to the feet, hands or face whereby reflex points, corresponding to areas within the body, are stimulated through skillful, precise pressure techniques and massage.

Stimulation to the reflex points encourages the body’s own energy system to restore, revitalise and remove stagnant energy, encouraging the body to heal itself in a natural way. Reflexology has been around for thousands of years, with evidence of the treatment being used as far back as 2500BC.

Facial Reflexology  (Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™)

During a Facial Reflexology treatment the entire surface of the face is stimulated, initiating a natural improvement in the blood and energetic circulation in the body, nerve function to the brain, lymphatic supply and muscle tone of the face. There is also an enhanced feeling of whole-body well-being, increased relaxation – and a glowing complexion from the treatment!

Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ works through your most visible feature. Your face is richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels. Its closeness to the brain may have evolved to ensure that sensory stimulus only had the shortest route to travel to the control centre of the body to address your health imbalances.

Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ was conceived over 30 years ago, by Lone Sorensen. Its roots go back many centuries, drawing from a myriad of traditions and practices from around the world. Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ combines the knowledge and use of Chinese energy meridians and acupuncture points, Vietnamese and South American tribal body maps, with anatomical and physiological knowledge of the body with the potential to balance the individual on all levels by promoting relaxation, release of tension and an overall improvement of well-being.

How can Reflexology help?

Reflexology can be incredibly relaxing, allowing the body and mind \’time out\’ to rejuvenate and heal.

As a Reflexologist, I do not claim to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. However, I can help you to increase and maintain an optimal sense of well being, which in turn will allow your body and mind to achieve a natural balance.

As with all treatments, there can be some contraindications or circumstances whereby treatments are not advised. If you have any uncertainty as to whether or not you can be treated, please contact me to discuss.

Following on from Reflexology treatments, clients have reported many different outcomes including:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased energy levels
  • Alleviated muscular tension & stiffness
  • Reduced oedema
  • Maintained healthy immune system
  • Balanced digestive system
  • Balanced hormonal system
  • Improved sleeping pattern

About Lynn, our Practitioner

“Back in 2008 I chose to train as a Reflexologist. This decision was based purely on my fascination, if not, obsession with the treatments I was receiving at the time.

Each treatment left me relaxed beyond belief, yet refreshed and energised at the same time. A physical imbalance was picked up on and has since been managed by regular treatments.

Having always lived by the philosophy ‘prevention is better than cure’. Reflexology fitted in with this belief perfectly.

I qualified at the prestigious Caritas School of Reflexology, Nottingham and have more recently qualified as a Hot Stone Reflexologist with Sally Earlam Reflexology in Sydenham.”

Fully insured & member of:

  • AOR (Association of Reflexologists)
  • CHNC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council)
  • NHSTA (NHS Trusts Association – Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners)


  • ABC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology – November 2010
  • Caritas School of Reflexology, practitioners course – November 2010
  • Caritas School of Reflexology. Anatomy & Physiology  – November 2010
  • Hot Stone Reflexology, Sally Earlam Reflexology – April 2013

What happens during a treatment?

Following a confidential consultation / review, you will be made comfortable on a reclining bed, and be given the option to be wrapped in a fleece / blanket. You will be offered the choice of either listening to relaxing music or just enjoy the silence.

For all treatments you will remain fully clothed with the exception of your socks and shoes.

For optimum comfort, please wear comfortable trousers/bottoms which can be rolled slightly up for access to the feet and lower legs.

With hot stones – An incredibly relaxing treatment incorporating hot stones to help increase circulation, reduce stress and provide a wonderful sense of well being.

Your first treatment includes a full, confidential health questionnaire to determine your specific treatment plan – this takes an additional fifteen minutes included within your first treatment.

Please be prepared to discuss all medical history and any current medication that you are taking.

Following the treatment we will discuss the outcome and any relevant after care.

Get paid to have Reflexology

If you have a private health plan with Westfield, Medicash, Simply Health or Paycare, check your policy as you may be entitled to claim for reflexology.

Just let me know before your treatment so that I can prepare a receipt for you.


Treatment 60 mins £40.00
Treatment with Hot Stones 60 mins £50.00
Treatment with Hot Stones 90 mins £70.00

Special Introductory Offers

Course* of Treatments 4 x 60 mins £150.00
Course* of Treatments with Hot Stones 4 x 60 mins £180.00

*Must be pre-booked


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