bioeffect facial treatments

Bioeffect Facial Treatments

Revolutionary anti ageing skin care

In a similar vein to Dr Levy Switzerland, Icelandic cosmeceutical line BioEffect is formulated with cellular activators in mind. Their hero product is their EGF Serum, which stands for Epidermal Growth Factors - a type of protein that won a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1986 for its ability to make skin cells grow faster.

These natural proteins are produced in our skin cells to help maintain the skin and have already been used to treat burns victims and help with scar healing.

Bioeffect Facials available at Allure Clinic

The EGF within the BioEffect range is produced from genetically modified barley and encourages the skin to repair its own cells and speeds up the rate of cell turnover.

The serum should be applied at night for best results and if used regularly it can reduce fine lines and give your complexion a fresher look and feel. In fact results should be visible after a couple of days' use.

Christoffer Konigsfeldt from BioEffect says: "The longer you use BioEffect, the more visible results you will see - not just on wrinkles but also on complexion and skin tone; it helps maintain healthy looking skin."

If you want to feel the maximum benefit of the BioEffect range then team the use of the serum with their EGF facial moisturiser, BioEffect Daytime’.

Effective, pure and easy to use!
BioEffect EGF Serum       RRP: £125.00

Bioeffect EGF Cellular Hydration Facial

55 minutes £95.00
Course of 4 £340.00

Bioeffect Refresh & Glow Express Eye Lift

25 minutes £75.00
Course of 4 £270.00

Bioeffect Ultimate Experience - Bioeffect Egf Serum Facial

90 minutes £120.00
Course of 4 £430.00
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