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Aromatherapy Facials

Care for both your Beauty and your Health

Looking good starts with great skin and a feeling of emotional balance. A great Aromatherapy Facial can help you achieve this and offer a levitating experience…

During an Aromatherapy Facial the gentle massage relaxes and releases the tiny taut muscles of facial expression. Nerve endings are soothed. Your complexion will look smoother, brighter and more relaxed. Emotionally, layers of tension are lifted away, leaving you truly relaxed and floating on air.

Aromatherapy Facial Treatments

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person's mind, mood, cognitive function or health. Two basic mechanisms are offered to explain the purported effects. One is the influence of aroma on the brain, especially the limbic system through the olfactory system. The other is the direct pharmacological effects of the essential oils. Precise knowledge of the synergy between the body and aromatic oils is carried out by our trained aromatherapists.

An Aromatherapy facial combines the effects of massage with those of essential oils such as geranium, frankincense and lavender. Essential oils actually penetrate the skin. This means that skin cells can be nourished and change begin from within. Some essential oils are regenerative while others are balancing to over or under sebaceous glands. During the treatment the aromatherapy oils are also working to relax your mind and lift your spirit. Whatever your skin type, the wide range of highest quality oils available will meet your needs.

A full consultation is carried out prior to treatment to establish treatment objectives, your skin problems and medical history.

Alqvimia Facial Treatments

Alqvimia, master experts in alchemy for over 20 years, have created a biodynamic and organic line of luxuriously natural products inspired by the soul of nature. They bring all of your senses in touch with the regenerative and rejeuvenative qualities of the purest flower essences. They fuse in perfect harmony the wisdom of tradition with the most advanced techniques in natural cosmetics and modern science, to bring you a unique luxury range of effective skincare products and treatments, the ultimate in luxurious indulgence with purest nature to care for your body and soul.

In this hectic world we live in, time is a luxury, enjoying nature’s beauty is a luxury, eating organically is a luxury, being pampered is a luxury, but they are luxuries that we all deserve.

Anti-Aging Facial

1 hour £70.00

A powerfully regenerating synergy of plant and essential oils ensures a smooth, soft, radiant, firm skin; a treatment which encounters the common signs of ageing.

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