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Allure Ultimate Facial

The Non-Surgical Facelift. Reclaim your jawline and not a scalpel in sight!

Gone are the days when we expect a pampering experience and a temporary glow from our facials. Have you realised that what you are really paying for is a 'state of mind'?

As luxurious, indulgent and relaxing that a traditional facial is - you just want results!

At Allure Clinic our highly trained facialists (who are quickly becoming reputed as the UK’s best) have a 3-D approach to skin and ageing: the internal skin structure, the complexion and underlying muscles, and cutting edge technology. Follow a course of Nutriceuticals to repair your skin from the inside, Cosmeceutical products to transform your skin and its behaviour on the outside, Holistic and deep tissue massage to ease the mind and soul, and cutting edge technology to lift the face and get rid of jowels.

The Allure Ultimate Facial gives you a levitating and pampering indulgence with lasting results. We integrate Tri-Polar Radiofrequency and Laser Lipo with holistic and Cosmeceutical facials to give lasting results.

The RF device massages over the face delivering RF into the skin, contracting existing collagen fibres and giving an instant tightening effect. An instant face lift! Most compelling, however, is the stimulation of new collagen production, the benefits of which becomes evident in the weeks ahead. The Radiofrequency also shrinks and disperses fat cells thus reducing jowly necks and stubborn double chins.

If there is really stubborn fat in the chin then we just have to give it 10 mins of laser-lipo on top to make sure that you leave with a really sculpted jaw line.

After the technology the treatment leads into a pampering and luxurious Cosmeceutical facial including back massage, reflexology and face-lift facial... a totally unique experience.

Allure Ultimate Facial

2 hours £190.00
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